Eleven Wolves is a menswear company designed and made In Australia. Every element is thought out from the materials, design and fabrication.  I have sourced the highest quality fabrics, threads and hardware from all around the world.  Everything will be made in small batches. The focus will be on the finishings, structure and fitting.  Each batch will have evolving designs to keep it new and fresh.  I want the clothing to last and wear, and will change over time.  That’s why the “Japanese Selvedge Jeans” are the centre of it all.

I have searched all over Australia and overseas for the machines.  Some are the most sought after in the world.  Each of the machines does a specific job, and that’s what creates the over all finish on each garment.  A few of the machines were incomplete, so I have serviced, sourced missing parts and mounted them on tables to make them work again.  For the jeans alone, I use 14 different industrial machines. 

The Selvedge Denim is sourced from Hiroshima Japan.  It will come in 12oz and 14oz weights to begin with.  This is “Raw” denim but it is “sanfornized”.  This will mean that you can wash it and it will have a smaller amount of shrinkage compared to straight raw denim.  Over time the fading and the roping will come out as they are worn.  They are made to fade.